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All inspections are done by a licenced tradesmen. Able Doors and Building is licenced with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), Class – Passive Fire Protection-Fire Doors & Shutters. 

We inspect all makes and models of Fire Rated Doors within commercial, body corporate residential, and industrial buildings. As per Australian Standard 1851-2012 and QDC.6.1,  You will receive a detailed Record of Maintenance report outlining which doors are compliant and Non compliant. 

You will also receive a quote showing you what are critical defect and non critical defects. It will also show you what is required in order for compliance to be achieved.

Here at Able Doors and Building we tailor your maintenance to not only meet Australian Standard's but to also make it as cost effective as possible, with minimal disruption to owners, tenants or guests.  

Not only does keeping up your maintenance provide a safe building environment for both staff and the public it extends the life of your assets. 

Maintaining your fire doors and solid core doors and hardware can save you in the long run as replacing all these component can be a very expensive exercise if it can be prevented. Our qualified tradesmen will endeavor to repair and only replace what is needed to have your door compliant and with a fantastic finish.

Able Doors and Building qualified tradesmen have a strong attention to detail. They pride themselves on leaving a job with the best looking and working  doors. A fire door needs to be compliant to the Australian Standards but also needs to be easy on the eye which is why our attention to detail is important.

All fire rated Installations must be certified and fitted with a certification tag by a licenced tradesmen. The Certificate records the door specifics including size, location, type of fire door, fire rating, hardware (locks, closers etc) and the date installed as well as the building address and owner.

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams are vital to show fire and evacuation information to your occupants and visitors. 

This is an Australian Standard requirement as part of your facility’s evacuation plan, in accordance with AS 3745-2010. 

Able Doors and Building will come out to our premise and design a fire evacuation diagram for you so that any guests or employee will know exactly where to go in an event of a fire. Fire Evacuation Diagrams need to clearly show evacuation procedures, fire & safety equipment, designated exits, details of emergency assembly areas & more.



At Able Doors and Building we are specialists in our carefully selected fields. All work is completed to comply with the Australian Standards and Regulations. Our staff are highly trained and our commitment to our level of service is second to none.



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